favorite food bloggers

I love cooking and experimenting with foods. I am not the most creative on my own so I like finding inspiration individuals who know how to make good food! I wanted to take some time to share my top 3 favorite food bloggers and what I love about them, because I have them to thank for teaching me a lot about cooking and for being creative in the kitchen.


  1. My first favorite food blogger and also the source for this AMAZING almond butter cookie recipe pictured here is the Minimalist Baker. Her modo is to make simple recipes that either have 10 ingredients or less,  require one bowl, or take less than 30 minutes. She has tons of great vegan and gluten free options and just some down right delicious recipes that you definitely need to try!


2. My second on the list is Laura Lea Balanced. She also has tons of great recipes! Some of my favorite desserts ever have come from her site, including her holy fudge black bean brownies, which I highly encourage anyone to try! Also I follow her on instagram and she shares a lot of recipes step by step on her insta-story. I have made a ton of recipes just by watching her story and writing down the directions!


3. My third favorite is The First Mess. She offers great plant-based recipes that are really unique and fun to make. When I really want to get creative and try something very different I try out one of her recipes.


These cookies by Minimalist Baker turned out so well! I decided to use them to make one of my favorite desserts, homemade ice cream sandwiches with some Halo Top vanilla bean. It was the perfect combo. Definitely give them a try and check out the rest of my top favorite food bloggers for great food inspiration!


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