JMU adventure

I wanted to share a very special place with you all! I spent 4 years of my life attending college in the small town of Harrisonburg, VA in the Shenandoah Valley near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I have so many good memories from my time at James Madison University! I’m so glad that I live close enough to venture over there every now and again and revisit some of my favorite places and see how much the university has changed and grown. So I wanted to take some time to share some of my favorite things from this place and definite must do’s whether you’re a student of JMU or just visiting!


Our first stop was to one of my favorite spots. A place I had many camping and stargazing adventures to during college. Reddish Knob, located about 45 minutes away from campus, is one of the highest points in all of Virginia. It has beautiful 360 degree views of the valley and is a definite must visit spot!


Our second stop was to one of my all time favorite food spots, Billy Jacks Shack for their mega delicious sticky nuggs, fried mac & cheese, and local beer. Definitely a great spot for cheap delicious food!


And of course while we were there I had to spend some time relaxing on the beautiful quad, which is located at the heart of campus. It has always been my favorite spot at JMU. I used to spend hours after class throwing frisbee and hanging out friends. I also spent some time walking around campus to check out all the new things that have been built since I graduated. It is crazy how much the school has grown! IMG_3144IMG_3153IMG_3157IMG_3159

Before leaving and despite having a food baby from all of the sticky nuggs, I knew I had to head downtown to Klines Dairy Bar for the flavor of the week, peanut butter cookies and cream! So good! For the last 2 years of college, Klines was dangerously close to where I lived, which meant multiples visits a week for ice cream #noregrets 😉


Our last stop was to the Friendly City Food Co-op, which is Harrisonburg’s own local organic grocery store. It’s like a mini Whole Foods but even better! Before heading home we picked up some yummy organic snacks and local wine for later! I wish I had known about this place while I was there! Definitely would have made weekly visits for all my groceries!

Here’s a list of a few other favorite spots that I didn’t get to visit but highly recommend!




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