The start of my Youtube Channel

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So to be honest, it has taken me a while to finally post this. I have been playing guitar and singing since the beginning of high school. I’ve been part of bands, played open mic nights at bars, and sang in talent shows. No matter how many times I’ve performed, I still struggle to play in front of others and let people listen. I think it is truly rooted in fear; fear of messing up or people just not liking my voice or guitar playing. I have really been working to tackle those feelings. I want to do something that I feel passionate about and feel God has gifted me with, and I want to do it without being fearful of others opinions or my imperfections. So I decided to start a youtube channel and post recordings of cover songs. I’m definitely anxious to be putting this part of myself out there for others to see but I’m excited to be sharing something I really feel passionate about with you. I really hope you all enjoy it! It is one of my favorite songs that I learned all the way back in high school. And keep your eyes peeled because I’m going to try and post a song every week!


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