coffee & farmers


Throwback to this past Saturday’s events! It was the first day of the season for the Charlottesville City Market and it was a perfect sunny day. There are always a ton of cool vendors to check out and lots of yummy food of course! It’s always fun to just walk around and peruse through the booths. I’m so glad that I live in a place that has events like this. It’s a cool opportunity to support local business and see what’s going on in the city. After that I decided to continue my coffee shop tour and stopped by Paradox Pastry to get some work done. It’s located in this really awesome glass building right off of downtown with a big window opening up to the outside. I snatched the perfect seat right at the window and enjoyed my almond milk chai latte (my favorite drink btw). I have been to Paradox Pastry a few times and it is definitely one of my favorites. They have so many yummy treats and good coffee. The location is perfect being right off the downtown mall. If you’re in town I would highly encourage you to check them out! Anyways happy Monday everyone and hope you had a great weekend! Also praise God for this beautiful weather we have been having, so thankful for Spring!


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