the powder room


Here is the next room on my home tour! Welcome to my powder room! When we first moved in, I knew that I wanted to take this space and spice it up. So I decided to be a little daring. I’d seen people paint walls 3/4 one color and 1/4 another so I decided why not try it out. I love the way it turned out with the dark navy color and stark white wall and ceiling. The Turkish rug from Rugs USA goes perfectly and adds a little pop of pattern to the mix. By the way, Rugs USA has so many different options for great prices. Go check them out! My favorite part of the room is the art collage wall. I completed the art wall a while after the bathroom had been painted and decorated. The room just didn’t feel complete but didn’t know what exactly to fill the space with. So I decided to take random pieces of homemade or collected art that I had and make a wall collage! It was so fun choosing and coordinating the pieces. I think it definitely is the perfect touch to this little space.


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