office chair makeover


Hey guys! I wanted to share with you this simple and fun office chair makeover I did! It took one afternoon and was super easy. I’ve been working on my office space for a while, trying to figure out the look I want or things I need to add to the space. I love pretty much anything gold and I love fur things like pillows or throw blankets! So I decided to put them both together in this little chair. This is an old piece originally from IKEA that I have had since high school. They don’t even make this type anymore thats how ancient it is! But I didn’t want to buy a new chair so makeover it is!

All I needed was:

  • gold spray paint
  • screw driver
  • faux fur fabric (I bought this at Joann Fabrics for a great price with an online coupon!)
  • staple gun
  • scissors

That’s all you’ll need! I disassembled the chair, spray painted the metal portions, and then cut out the faux fur to fit around the back and bottom pieces. After making sure my fabric cuts fit around the pieces and covered everything well I just stapled it in and wallah, all done! I love how simple this was, taking a furniture piece that I really didn’t like at all and making it totally new, something I will definitely keep for a long time! Hope you guys like it and are inspired to maybe recycle and revamp some old pieces you may be hanging onto! Cheers!


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