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The past few years I have become so much more passionate about fitness and healthy eating. Probably to my husband’s dismay, no more junk food in the pantry babe ūüėČ Growing up in a competitive family environment, being heavily involved in sports, and having a mom who was an insanely good healthy cook built in me a¬†love for healthy eating and fitness. Now I am not the most creative individual when it comes to the kitchen and I am definitely no fitness guru. Thankfully the world wide web has been my greatest resource for health and fitness knowledge.

Entering into 2017, I wanted to challenge myself to eat better, become more active, and branch out to new forms of exercise. I wanted to share with you guys my favorite resources for inspiration!

#1 Whitney Simmons

I love love love her youtube channel! I get so many awesome workouts and food ideas from her! I have to give her full credit for my insane love of Halo Top Ice Cream and Kodiak Cakes! Best things on the planet people, no joke, go try them RIGHT NOW. She also is super funny. I catch myself laughing out loud all the time by myself while watching her videos.

#2¬†Sarah’s Day

She has some really good plyometrics based workouts that I have loved incorporating into my routine. Always a good sweat session! I have also gathered a ton of nutrition info from her videos and lots of good ideas for meals and snacks. Because I definitely love snacking as much as she does! Also a plus, her workout clothes or always on point! Fashion inspo!

#3 Yoga With Tim

Some days I just love to branch off from my normal exercise and mix it up with yoga. Tim has great videos ranging from easy to pretty difficult. Now I am definitely no yogi expert but I always am surprised by how challenging it is. A great way to change it up and challenge your body in new ways.

Check them out guys if you are looking for some motivation or inspiration! They are all great! Happy health and fitness journeys to you all! Comment and let me know if you have¬†any other awesome resources or knowledge to share! I’m always looking for more inspo!


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