the bedroom


Our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house. A perfect cozy place to sleep, read, or cuddle up in the soft blankets. People have described my style as very eclectic, a mix of many aesthetics, colors, and designs. I think it is because I love so many different styles that I can never decide on one, so instead I blend them all together. This can definitely be seen in the bedroom. An antique wooden dresser next to my mid-century modern armchair, both second hand finds. I love the simple black and white horse prints above the bed. I found them on Etsy sold by LILAxLOLA. Go check them out, they have a whole selection of cute black and white prints. The faux black leather bed frame I found at Joss & Main and the white clothes rack is from IKEA, both for a great price. Everything else I have found and collected second-hand over the years and brought together to complete this space.



  1. Laurie Russell

    I don’t think we often consider a bedroom to be a place where you can really “see” someone’s personality…much of the time a bedroom is considered a room that is relatively private and which hardly anyone else will view. So, it is typically not given too much thought. I don’t think there is a corner in your home which does not reflect your creativity and your personality. I love that.


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