men’s wear monday




I don’t know about all you married and dating folk out there, but I love to style my husband’s wardrobe. I find so much joy in buying his outfits and being his personal stylist. I’m sure he enjoys it as much as I do… especially having to participate in photo shoots with me. This look is pretty casual and comfortable, especially for the warm weather we’ve been having. I am a major bargain shopper, always looking for the best deals. I recently purchased the chukka sneakers for him from Nordstrom Rack for a great price. My husband wears through every single pair of shoes he owns in no time at all, so it is imperative to find good deals. The pants his favorite fit from Old Navy, also found an awesome price. He loves his khakis and has them in about every color imaginable. His shirt is also from Old Navy in Indigo Blast, on sale now!

My favorite part of the outfit is the MVMNT watch. Ever since I first saw an ad for them I was hooked. They are so sleek, simple, and timeless. Definitely my favorite watch brand as of late.


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