Guilt Free Fries


I love french fries. Hands down one of my favorite foods, but honestly that is probably the truth for about 99% of the universe. They are just so darn good!  Unfortunately they are not the healthiest. So when I had a bunch of fresh green beans just chilling out in the fridge I decided to get a little creative! Now nothing compares to the original french fry, but I have tried zucchini fries before as a healthy alternative. They were nearly as amazing as the original to be honest so why not a string bean! Love me some stringy beans! So I did some research and found this recipe! I made some adjustments to the seasonings to create a bomb diggity flavor. Try them out and throw your own spin on it .  Be creative with the flavors, add a little zing and pop in your seasoning (definition of zing and pop is up to your own interpretation).

I love finding healthy alternatives for guilty pleasure foods! Confession, I did whip up some garlic aioli sauce for dipping, which probably balanced out the healthiness of the string bean fries, but you’ve got to have a little balance in life, you know? Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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